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Frequently Asked Questions

We manufacture all our Dog Food in our own plant, situated in the West Rand of Gauteng.

No outsourcing in the manufacturing of our Dog Food is involved. 

All our ingredients are sourced locally. No protein-based ingredients is sourced from countries known for their inferior food quality standards 

Balance is vital for your dog’s metabolism and efficiency. Dog food is formulated to be the main nutritional source and the ingredient ratios are essential in making your dog’s diet complete and balanced

Not necessarily. Price should not always be the only consideration when choosing a dog food. One of the most important things to consider is the type of ingredients listed on the label. Ingredients are listed primarily by weight on the ingredient list. The ones that come first are the ones that are present in the greatest amount in the formula.

What is most important is not just the type of ingredients, but rather how the balance of those ingredients provide adequate nutrients. 

Proteins provide the basic building blocks for growth, maintenance, and repair of body tissues. The highest quality proteins for use in dog foods come from a variety of animal-based sources including chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, fish and eggs.


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